City Agrees to Preserve 7 “Parkside” Trees

December 24, 2012

Some of the trees to be preserved.

The City CouncilĀ  voted unanimously on Dec. 4 (Council Member Jennifer West recused) to approve a new design of the soon-to-be-built Parkside Development on Stanford Avenue between Doyle and Hollis streets. The new design retains seven of the mature trees currently on the site along Stanford Avenue. There will be no moving or transplanting of the trees, as previously contemplated by the City Council. The new design, put forth by Public Works Director Maurice Kaufman, keeps the trees where they are, while doing away with 10 new street parking spaces that were going to be added to the north side of Stanford.

I think the City made the right decision and the park will be a nicer space because of it. I and many others look forward to sitting in the shade of these 20-year-old Chinese Elms. I thank the city staff and the City Council for being open-minded and for valuing the preservation of mature trees.

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