E-Ville School Superintendent Says No Room on June 11 Meeting Agenda to Discuss Anna Yates

June 6, 2012

Emeryville School Superintendent Debbra Lindo

Emeryville’s School Superintendent told residents concerned about the planned closing of Anna Yates that there is no time to discuss the issue at the June 11 School Board meeting.

In an email to Brian Carver and other residents opposed to the eventual move of Anna Yates students to a new campus,  Superintendent Debbra Lindo said she is “working to find a space” on the June 25 agenda. “I will get back to you next week to let you know if I can accommodate your request before the end of the school year,” she said.

Concerned residents had asked that the Board address the issue after they sent a letter to Lindo and the Board in mid-May, urging them to leave Anna Yates students where they are, and to provide the public with more information about the city schools’ construction and operating budgets.

The group is opposed to the Board’s plan to eventually combine both elementary and high school students on the campus of the Emeryville Center of Community Life (ECCL). While the construction of ECCL is expected to take years, the new school buildings are slated for completion in 2013-14. Construction will begin soon on the site of the existing high school, which will be torn down this summer.

Considered by many parents and residents to be the jewel of the Emeryville School District, Anna Yates recently underwent an $8 million renovation.

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