Buy Local: Arizmendi Celebrates 9 Years with Community Appreciation Month

July 10, 2012

A message from Arizmendi:

This month, we’re celebrating our 9th anniversary of being a small local-serving business in Emeryville. For almost a decade, Arizmendi has prided itself in staying true to its mission of being a just and democratic workplace that provides an invaluable service to our surrounding community.   We’ve strived to offer community members the best products we can at the most affordable rates, provide a central gathering space that strengthens our community,  and maintain socially-conscious practices such as donating to local organizations, using products that don’t exploit workers or the environment, and advancing our cutting-edge cooperative business model that prioritizes people over profits.

We could not have stayed true to our mission and still stayed successful in the midst of arguably the most significant recession of our times without the incredible support of our customers. As we reflect on our accomplishments, we thought it would only be appropriate to celebrate our birthday by honoring our community with a month full of promotions and fun events as a token of our appreciation.


  • Every Sunday, we’ll be providing live music in the courtyard from 1-4 pm. Come and stay a while! Enjoy some music and food with family and friends on these beautiful summer days.
  • Throughout the month, you’ll see new merchandise, products, promotions, and customer feedback opportunities in the store.
  • On Sunday July 22nd, Arizmendi will host a birthday party! Join us for free cake and other fun festivities.So come spend some time at the bakery, tell your friends, and help us reign in our 10th year with style!

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