E-VILLE LEAKS: Nice Work If You Can Get It (City Attorney Mike Biddle’s Generous Employment Contract)

July 8, 2011

The Secret News introduces: E-VILLE LEAKS

This section will feature verbatim reports, memos, and other city documents that we believe contain important and useful information. Please let us know if you have a document to share. If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s fine.

Many of these are public documents, but are deliberately not publicized and thus go unnoticed, often by those most directly affected.


Here is the employment contract for City Attorney Mike Biddle. This document is public record.

A petition to put an initiative on the November ballot to eliminate the position of City Attorney (specifically Mike Biddle) is being circulated.  Signers must live and be registered to vote in Emeryville. Several residents are collecting signatures. City Council Member Ken Bukowski is leading the charge. The rationale is that a city as small as Emeryville does not need a city attorney, particularly one whose annual cost to the city exceeds $275,000 and who contracts out the bulk of the city’s legal work anyway.
If you are interested in signing the petition, contact Scott Donahue at (510) 435-1861; Joan Strasser at (510) 653-3174; or Ken Bukowski at (510) 305-0000.
We have also included the city staff’s analysis of the cost of retaining Mike Biddle vs. the cost of contracting out the city’s legal work. This analysis was prepared by city staff.

One Response to E-VILLE LEAKS: Nice Work If You Can Get It (City Attorney Mike Biddle’s Generous Employment Contract)

  1. Michael Webber on August 8, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    Hey I’m just a lawyer and not a civics expert, but isn’t it a conflict of interest for the city staff to prepare an analysis of the cost of Biddle vs. the cost of alternatives?

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