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Letter(s) to the Editor: The Degreening of Temescal Creek Park

May 9, 2013
Letter(s) to the Editor: The Degreening of Temescal Creek Park

  (RE Oct. 16, 2012 Letter to the Editor from Eric Gascoyne: Cut Spending, Save the Trees at Temescal Creek Park) To the Editor: Thanks (to Eric Gascoyne) for writing his letter. I went to the City Council meeting and spoke on behalf of the trees and the hawks. I’m glad we have saved

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Basic Research Reveals Some Trees Easily Preserved; City Council Needs to Step Up

October 16, 2012

Attention all interested residents! Preservation of the trees at Parkside will be discussed at tonight’s (Tuesday) City Council meeting. Anyone wanting to make a public comment on the matter should attend the meeting. Public comment on the tree issue will begin at approximately 8 pm. ___________________________ In recommending the removal of all the trees

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City Willing to Trade 20-Year-Old Trees for Temporary Parking

October 15, 2012
City Willing to Trade 20-Year-Old Trees for Temporary Parking

Council Member Jac Asher has put on the agenda for the next City Council meeting (Oct. 16th) a discussion of whether the city should change the design of the Parkside park to include some or all of the existing trees. Council Member Asher’s willingness to do this shows her commitment to

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Who’s in Charge Here?

October 14, 2012

City Staff Manipulated City Council and Citizens, Resident Adrian McGilly Says

Below is the short video of a statement by Adrian McGilly, husband of Emeryville Mayor Jennifer West, to the City Council at its last regular meeting Tuesday, Oct. 2. He is addressing the controversy over the planned cutting of 33 mature street trees to make way for a park. McGilly  has written to the City Council asking that at least some of the trees be preserved. His letter revealed that city staff deleted two key sections of the arborist report before sending it to the City Council to decide whether or not to cut the trees.

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Emeryville City Staff Deliberately Misled City Council on Arborist Report

October 1, 2012
When the city failed to post notices on the trees to be cut down, resident Adrian McGilly took it upon himself to do so. While such notice is required under the city's Urban Forestry Ordinance, the city is exempt. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

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