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Crimewatch: Robbery Near W. Oakland BART

May 8, 2013
Crimewatch: Robbery Near W. Oakland BART

This was recently posted on Nextdoor Emeryville, a local social networking site. The incident occurred about a week ago. “K and I were riding our bikes along Mandela from WO BART a bit after 7:00 this evening, more or less side-by-side in the bike lane with me on the traffic side. Just before 14th Ave. there were two young men on the sidewalk a few yards away, and at about the time K noticed one had a gun he lunged at her and knocked her to the ground. I saw the gun pointed at me when I turned back, and handed him my phone and her bag as he directed. All this as cars were passing! The gun guy headed up 14th with our stuff, two OPD officers arrived, and half an hour later when the reports were finished we found the bag, minus only cash and phone, a block away. The business in front of which it happened has a security camera, so perhaps we’ll even have pictures of the guys — assuming a robbery where nobody was hurt rates any of a detective’s time. I bet most of the cyclists who passed thought we were being given a

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