School District Long Ignored Residents Concern Over Anna Yates Closing, Some Say

June 17, 2012

Comments from Our Readers

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RE: Teachers Blast Superintendent Debbra Lindo; Vote “No Confidence”

From: Some Guy
You guys and Anna Yates.
You’ve been asleep at the wheel for the past 10 years, you suddenly wake up and want everyone to bend over backwards for you. Where have you been for the past 10 years while all the planning was being done? The district asked for input from the community for YEARS and NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP. But now that they are ready to get started, you guys cry foul.
Grow up.

From: quathy
@ Some Guy
Are you kidding? I attended the meetings from the beginning as did many triangle residents and parents who outright opposed the consolidation of Anna Yates and ESS. Did it matter? Apparently not. Just like everything in this corrupt little city it went ahead without consideration for public outcry. I am disgusted after 20 years of actively participating. Things have to change. Search for a new supe needs to take as much time as it needs to make sure that the candidates are vetted and investigated completely. We have an embarrassing history in that department. School board needs to stand up and follow the constituency. Stop the patting on the back and get down to business.

From: Brian Carver
@ Some Guy
You are seriously misinformed. If you had been at the meeting last night you could have heard me recount the years of meetings that I have attended and asked the exact same questions and never gotten answers. Due to time constraints, I gave only a partial list of those instances last night and it represented a consistent theme over several years. It’s impossible to seriously contend that I haven’t attended planning meetings and haven’t provided input at nearly every opportunity provided. The issue is not one of my failure to participate. It’s one of this Board’s refusal to engage authentically. I’ve also seen Michael Webber at many of these same meetings asking these same questions and being similarly rebuffed. People who have been there know this is true and know to believe those of us who sign our names and not to be tricked by “Some Guy.”

From Michael Webber
I am glad the teachers are speaking out. I have been and remain appalled that the District continues to oppose any meaningful discussion on keeping Anna Yates where it is. I continue to be impressed by Brian Carver’s integrity, and hope – no, pray – that he runs for school board. Or better yet, can fill the vacancy left by the recent resignation.

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